Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tricks On Fitting Your Budget

Steel or Iron centered challenge coins. This is a good way to get more coins for the same money. There are limitations to the designs the coin has to be 2" or under. No 3D or edging. Unlike an alloy centered coin that can be over 2" have 3D and edging, the coins will have the weight similar to a brass centered coin. This is a great way to make affordable challenge coins on a very low budget. This can be accomplished by alloy centering as well, but alloy is very light weight.

If your design fits the restriction requirements and is seven colors or less, your looking at a low per unit cost of $2.50 -  $2.75 per coin with a mold fee of $165 and $45 for shipping on 100 - 299 two inch coins. These coins will have the same high quality paint and craftsmanship we always offer on
Have a larger coin need? Lets talk alloy, the usual cost for alloy centered coins is around $100 less then brass centering on a one hundred coin order.

By Lawrence Phillips

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