Monday, January 27, 2014

Does Your Coin Need Edging?

Many challenge coins that are made are designed with a special edge. This edge can be a great addition to any coin. Some coins don't necessarily need a custom edge. Let's start out by saying, if you could is round, it could possibly have a custom edge. Many custom edges can be made 2 ways, either cut down to the brass or alloy of the coins centering. Or it could be plated the same plating as the coin itself.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Being Coined

Challenge Coins are symbols of servitude, given to commemorate time spent usually within the military. Either giving or receiving a challenge coin is a great honor. Not only did the member which present you with the coin did it in respect to what you have accomplished, but he or she usually does it in a traditional way called " being coined." This means the coin was passed to you from hand to hand in a firm hand shake. 

By Lawrence Phillips

Monday, January 13, 2014

Challenge Coin 101

 Welcome to challenge coin 101. Our purpose is to help you understand the options and components that will determine your finished coin. Weather you need a simple or complex you need to understand the production process so you will be pleased with the product. Brass and zinc alloy are the most commonly used metals for challenge coins, Brass coins are considered the military standard for challenge coins. Zinc alloy should only be used when the coin is a spinner, cut out, or has sharp angles. Standard coin sizes are 1.5" - 2" it is becoming more popular to mint odd shaped or larger coins.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

More On Challenge Coins

Challenge and commemorative military coins have been around over 100 years. In World War I, it’s been long believed the first Challenge Coin was designed by a wealthy lieutenant for the men in his unit as a measure of good luck in battle. Today, Military Commemorative and Challenge coins have become very popular and has been helping military units, schools, gamers, law enforcement and government with the highest quality challenge coins available and at affordable prices.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tricks On Fitting Your Budget

Steel or Iron centered challenge coins. This is a good way to get more coins for the same money. There are limitations to the designs the coin has to be 2" or under. No 3D or edging. Unlike an alloy centered coin that can be over 2" have 3D and edging, the coins will have the weight similar to a brass centered coin. This is a great way to make affordable challenge coins on a very low budget. This can be accomplished by alloy centering as well, but alloy is very light weight.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Challenge Coins, the value of them, and meaning behind them.

A challenge coin is custom made  coin or medallion or any size (usually military), that bears an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried by the organization’s or units members.  In practice, challenge coins are normally presented by unit commanders in recognition of excellence or a special achievement by a member within his or her unit. As such they are used as a tool to build camaraderie and morale. Businesses and companies have been adopting the practice of using challenge coins to show recognition to employees for many topics such as years with the company, receiving a promotion, and so on. The government also uses challenge coins as campaign tools or to create a type of living memorial to ones term of service.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Challenge Coins Are The New Business Card.

This year alone, We have minted more Challenge Coins for companies than ever before. Coins with contact information on them, Like a business card. How many business cards do people give out and the precipitant loses within the next 2-3 days? Most of the time, this is the case. If you or any company want to pin point someone to do business with  and your hand them a coin with your company logo and contact information on it, that potential customer will now take you a ton more seriously.