Sunday, January 12, 2014

More On Challenge Coins

Challenge and commemorative military coins have been around over 100 years. In World War I, it’s been long believed the first Challenge Coin was designed by a wealthy lieutenant for the men in his unit as a measure of good luck in battle. Today, Military Commemorative and Challenge coins have become very popular and has been helping military units, schools, gamers, law enforcement and government with the highest quality challenge coins available and at affordable prices.

The military likes to create patches for special operations such as when we deployed our troops for the Gulf War, and when we successfully landed Seal Team 6 and killed Osama Bin Laden image of our challenge coin we created for that. Every branch of our military create commemorative designs to help boost morale and as a token of good luck on the battlefield. 

Our police departments, including SWAT and our emergency responders including FEMA, our firefighters use commemorative and challenge coins as they often conduct in-house training and give the coins to those who successfully pass their confidence or training courses.Challenge Coins are gaining popularity within the gaming industry now. Thanks to millions of new games available for computers and mobile devices, Challenge coins have become sought after by gamers that win them and the collector’s who value them as investments because they are always printed in small quantities.

By Lawrence Phillips

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