Sunday, January 5, 2014

Challenge Coins Are The New Business Card.

This year alone, We have minted more Challenge Coins for companies than ever before. Coins with contact information on them, Like a business card. How many business cards do people give out and the precipitant loses within the next 2-3 days? Most of the time, this is the case. If you or any company want to pin point someone to do business with  and your hand them a coin with your company logo and contact information on it, that potential customer will now take you a ton more seriously.

When I started I designed and minted coins with my logo, my phone number, my web address and email address on them. Anyone who emailed me with any amount of interest in minting a coin with me got a coin in the mail within the next few days. This strategy made me a lot of money. This strategy landed me some of my biggest clients today.

If your a new business or a seasoned company and have never tried using a contact challenge coin, maybe you should try it. It worked for me and it has worked for many of my clients. Companies from large to small are seeing this trend working and growing larger every year. From BMW, Pepsi, Fedex, to small publication websites are getting in on the challenge coin action. Don't be the last company to design there own coin. A challenge coin company can make you a lightweight alloy coin that will keep your name and contact info around far longer than a business card ever could.

By Lawrence Phillips

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