Monday, January 27, 2014

Does Your Coin Need Edging?

Many challenge coins that are made are designed with a special edge. This edge can be a great addition to any coin. Some coins don't necessarily need a custom edge. Let's start out by saying, if you could is round, it could possibly have a custom edge. Many custom edges can be made 2 ways, either cut down to the brass or alloy of the coins centering. Or it could be plated the same plating as the coin itself.

But, does your coin need an edge? If the design is good enough then adding a after cut edge on to it, may take away from the design. Two reason, the design itself might not be what people see at first glance of the coin, and the custom edge needs more space than a flat ( or NO ) edge needs. Therefore your design will have to be smaller in size on the coin.

The cons of a custom edge are, the extra cost, the resizing of your design within the center of your coin, and they can scratch other coins easily because custom or diamond cut edges are sharp. The pros of a custom edge are, they look great in the light, make a design that isn't a great one appear nicer than it actually is. You can also give the coin a second plating look if the edge is cut down after plating is done.

Weighing the pros and cons are up to the buyer. He or she may want and edge or not. On some cases it is really a make or break subject. It can make the coin or break the coin, if the company does not really know or care how your coins come out. So all in all beware and pay attention to the details on the artwork. If you add an edge some small details might suddenly disappear , and you might not notice they are gone until it is too late.

By Lawrence Phillips

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